About Ken Bailey

Born in Nottingham, England, the son of a Canadian Air Force pilot, Ken was an Air Force "brat," and as a result lived in several towns, cities and provinces across Canada while growing up. Angling and hunting have been lifelong passions and hobbies for Ken, who has fished and/or hunted in Africa, South America, Central America and Europe as well as across much of North America.

A 40-year career in wildlife and the publishing industry afforded Ken the opportunity to pursue his passion for the outdoors, and led to many professional opportunities. He has written more than 1000 published magazine articles and columns, contributing to Outdoor Canada, Alberta Outdoorsmen, Wildfowl, Whitetails Unlimited, African Hunting Gazette, Outdoor Life, Delta Waterfowl, Outdoor Edge, Canadian Sportfishing, National Post, Conservation, Varmint Magazine, Canadian Firearms Journal, Alberta Fishing Guide, and The Angler's Post, among others.

Married with two sons, he and his artist wife like to travel, although by most accounts they are both homebodies who enjoy curling up at home with a movie or a good book such as his current offering of No Place Like Home, where he recounts his many adventures fishing and hunting across Canada. 


Fishing and Hunting Across Canada

Email: kbailey1@telusplanet.net

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